Project: Good and Bad Leadership

Short description

It is well-known that leadership is crucial in the initiation of collective action. Collective action, in turn, can be an important route to successful and sustainable management of natural resources. The specific roles of leadership, however, have not been studied extensively. In particular, the way leadership can facilitate the early phase of collaboration, and the problems created by lack of a leader to deal with the many diverse players involved in later stages of collaboration, deserve further work. We plan to examine these issues and add a quantitative dimension. There is a huge amount of qualitative case studies … Continue Reading

Visiting scholar at the Workshop for Political Theory

I (Ulrich Frey) had the privilege to be at the famous Workshop for Political Theory in Bloomington, Indiana, USA for three months. The workshop has been founded over 20 years ago by Vincent and Elinor Ostrom and our project improved significantly by this visit.
Not only did I have the opportunity to present our methods and findings to a Nobel prize winner, but to a whole group of international experts on different aspects of our research.
The feedback of these experts e. g. on forestry, social groups, socio-ecological systems and other fields as well was extremely valuable. But the support did not … Continue Reading

Street of experiments, Giessen

Our research group will participate in the so called “street of experiments”
which will be held on 30th of Mai 2010 in the city centre of Giessen.
Organized by the Mathematikum (Prof. Dr. Beutelspacher), this is a
very popular event, attracting thousands of people each year.

We will present a special variant of a public goods game.

IASC regional meeting, Tempe, Arizona

Our abstract “Modelling Success of Social-Ecological Systems with Neural Networks”
has been accepted to be presented at the Northern American meeting of the International Association for the Study of the Commons.
This conference will be held September 30 – October 2, 2010 in Tempe, Arizona.